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Price for 6 months 12 months NACHSENDEAUFTRAG
Privat 23,90€**
30,90€ Order now*
Business 39,90€** 54,90€  Order now*

All prices with VAT
**Online-Offer: Discount of 3€ in comparison to Post-Office-Price

When should you order the mail forwarding service NACHSENDEAUFTRAG?

If you change your postal address for the following reasons:

  • Moving
    • Inland (German to german address)
    • Abroad (German address to foreign address)
  • Temporary absence / change of address
    • Longer holidays
    • Stay at a health resort
    • Temporary project (inland or abroad)

Important: Only with the mail forwarding (also known as redirect mail) service from Deutsche Post you can be safely reached by your private contacts and important contractual partners (e.g. banks, insurance companies, authorities). So you don’t miss any important mail and deadlines.

Product features of NACHSENDEAUFTRAG

  • Mail forwarding – All your mail is forwarded to the new address
  • Sustainable forwarding – The letters are forwarded in a climate-neutral manner
  • Moving notification with address update – your contractual partners (banks, insurance companies, etc.) can update your changed address data in this way
  • Parcel forwarding – DHL parcels and packages can also be forwarded on request
  • Customer Service – Available for your queries throughout the term
  • Attractive moving vouchers for private customers who are moving
  • Informative relocation checklist for private customers who apply for the forwarding order online

Online – fast, safe & for the best price